Looking for:

Brand Identity Talent (f*m)

Art Direction

— 20 hours/week

What exactly:

We are looking for a talented designer (f*m) that is experienced and specialized in brand identity work. You are super familiar with ongoing contemporary visual brand identity, Behance is your morning coffee. For you brand identity is not just a visual candy but a conceptional, functional system that carries a strong message, and the possibility to make a big market difference for our clients. Type foundries are your ice cream shops, and an important source of inspiration.

You know that presentation is a big deal in branding. Presentation for you is based in the conception phase of a brand. You are familiar with preparing presentations for awards.

You are good with clients, and you are working proactively through a project, from first contact until the very end. Our clients will depend on your strong conceptional input, and your determination to sail the boat (figuratively spoken) through a stormy sea.

Adobe CC is your basic tool set. If you’re really cool you even know how to do magic with animation and 3D thingies.

You do not think in fragmented design patterns, you are an „outside the box“-thinker and wonder why 99% of all people do things how they do it. For you brand identity does not begin with a logo design. You have fantasy, humor, and a keen sense of curiosity.

We offer:

You will work in a cosy office in a very small, friend-like team. You will have regulated working times, no extra hours. No hierarchy — your boss is your colleague, not more, not less. You have a voice in the team. Your statement and your thinking and doing are most valuable. You are paid fairly. You will get coffee, and Gin&Tonic if you are having a very bad day.

The salary is oriented in the Austrian collective agreement. E.g.: A designer in their second work year that works for 20 hrs/week earns a monthly salary of approx. € 910,- (gross). If your experience varies your salary will be oriented accordingly.

If you are interested in working with us, please send us
your application, salary interest, a CV, and a link to your portfolio.
The job opening starts 06/2018.